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 Shelby Robbins

Feel alive in every space that you touch the world.

Shelby Robbins is an energy worker, joy cultivator, heart opener, and awakening facilitator in Boulder, Colorado. Nothing else fuels her like showing up for others to hold space for their transformation.  She unravels seemingly complicated and limited energy into simple and aligned truths. Her mission is to help you claim the right to be ecstatically alive, in all the places that you touch the world. Shelby welcomes you into a space where you are free to claim your souls yearnings, largeness, vibrancy, sensuality, intimacy, power, and beauty. With Shelby, access to the yumminess of life becomes radically available.

Her approach is rooted in years of self-development and her journey through several major life-upheavals. Addiction, abuse, codependency, extreme self denial, near death experiences, body image issues, PTSD, family upheaval and profound uncertainty have been strong themes throughout her early years.  Shelby has since undergone deep emotional and psychological exploration, hunting down the places where she wasn’t true or loving. She now is free of many of her past shadows and enjoys a healthy partnership, supportive friendships, and an abundant playful energy.

Thanks to many generous teachers, she has discovered the power that comes through self agency, and savoring life in all of its flavors.  She studied under Bonnie Serratore at Spiritual Acceleration for over two years and is thrilled to be on board. She is a licensed massage therapist, a certified Integral Circler and Authentic Communication Facilitator. She studied the philosophy of joy at Quest University in BC, and mindfulness with a Zen teacher at Crestone Mountain Zen Center. Each of these teachings are integrated into her unique approach to releasing emotion and cultivating a joyful life.  After your sessions you’ll claim your larger, more alive self and uncover the fire that lights your life. Explore her website for more juicy information at

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When we work together, you’ll learn to feel the aliveness of your life. I encourage and guide the discovery and embodiment of your own super powers and incredible gifts. Together we enter into a field of creativity where play, joy, and yumminess drive us. Here, true expansion can happen. I’m not here to “fix” you. I am here to hold a space for you to radically welcome who you are. Unsilence your soul. Incubate. Activate. Live how you’ve always wanted to live. After our sessions you’ll claim your larger, more alive self. My clients leave their sessions feeling sparkly, and often like they just woke up after being asleep for thousands of years. Like they are feeling sunshine on their face for the first time.

I welcome you to live your life as a fully expressed being.


““I’ve worked with Shelby for over a year. Through this time we have addressed many core issues that have plagued me throughout my entire life. Body image, being seen, power issues, codependency, weight gain, hormone changes and so much more. During this time, I have witnessed Shelby grow into being a talented energy worker and shaman. She skillfully peels off layers and cleared the root of my many issues away. She not only helps with the past, but has helped me feel more control and secure in myself dealing with the present and future. She is very sensitive to my feelings and is a joy to work with!”

Karen Jarldane

“Shelby is by far one of the most gifted, genuine, and dedicated healers on the planet! She will never give up on you and meets you right where you need to be met. She is truly a gem, sparkling brightly to support growth and healing at many levels to facilitate you on your journey. I highly recommend working with her.”

Christina Carrigan

“Shelby is a truly gifted healer. I’ve been to several in my life, and she is the real deal. She is wise beyond her years. Everything she said resonated as deeply true to my being. I am so grateful for her healing and I highly recommend her to anyone needing a breath of fresh air in his/her life.”

Brooke M.

Private Sessions 

If you’re ready to lean into your journey and rediscover new aspects of yourself with openness and courage, I’d be honored to help. I offer a free 20 minute consultation for those who are interested.


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Shelby assists with:

  • Financial Flowering, Abundance and Opulence
  • Relationships! Opening up to love
  • Authentic Communication and Relational Skills. Find your voice!
  • Stepping fully into your gifts and super powers
  • Embodying your soul’s purpose
  • Entering into a creative, playful space where true manifestation can happen
  • Cultivating a joyful life
  • Shining your unique light
  • Compassionate Masculine and Feminine Healing
  • and much more…

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Three Session Package

$450 | 60 Minutes per session


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One Hour Session

$175 | 60 Minutes


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About Teen Sessions

Shelby also offers sessions for teens who are seeking support in moving beyond the typical teen experience. Help your teen truly understand the nature of their unconditional self worth, create deeper relationships, and move into a lifestyle that minimizes screen addictions and drama. If your teen is needing long-term support with me – parents, you are required to participate – otherwise, our time together acts more like a bubble than an integrated catalyst for deep shifting.

A Deep Dive

This is a 5 month program for those needing additional support while enrolled in a Spiritual Acceleration course. The work in these programs are intensive and can be overwhelming. Dysfunctional aspects of our lives fall apart quickly – marriages, jobs, relationships… For those needing additional support, and one-on-one attention to supplement your training, this program is for you. I will be by your side every step of the way. Embody these teachings in a faster, well-rounded, and depthful way.

“The difference between Shelby’s work and other energy work I’ve had is that the results with her are deep, lasting and holistic. I experienced clearing and releasing of old energies/habits/stories, balancing, personal awareness, and feeling completely free of bindings while at the same time being grounded and strong – as if I’d been rebuilt! Each session feels complete, as if Shelby were working with many different levels simultaneously. If you are curious but new to energy healing, you will feel safe with Shelby. She is very communicative and informed in addition to being in touch with so much more. She is truly a gift to the community and to all people who want to experience their highest potential.”


“During my teen session, Shelby formed a safe, welcoming environment for me to sort out what I’m feeling and how to deal with my life. I have not only began accepting myself and gaining confidence but I also realize that I can allow myself to embrace my emotions and then let them go. Tracking energy has come very naturally for me, and she helped me use that to my advantage. Shelby helps my light shine brighter, and brings back pieces of myself I never knew were missing! 10/10 would recommend”


“I go into more esoteric things with neutrality and lack of expectation, but I left Shelby’s session really wow’ed. If the only thing I had gotten from the visit with her was the unprecedented physical sensation of being encased- but not trapped- in 70 thousand pounds of warm sand all around me, yet still being completely cogent and clear, that would have been plenty! That was not it, however. Since then I have felt trapped energy unfurling a bit, making itself known in many parts of my life. Making itself known period. I didn’t see what I could not see. Now I am seeing more. The effects can be as subtle as the warm sand was profound. I am more in touch with myself. Thank you, Shelby!”


 Shelby is featured in… 

19 things you might not know about me…

1. The name Shelby means Willow Tree.


2. I hang out with my spunky teenage sister every Saturday. We have epic sleepovers that include an array of board games, hiking and exploring, along with pun battles between her and my boyfriend. It is a highlight of my week.


3. I am a Capricorn, with a Taurus rising and Taurus moon. In human design, I am a 5:1 manifesting generator. I am an enneagram 7.


4. One of my grandma’s is a conservative baptist southerner who owns a gun and drinks sweat tea. The other grandma is a liberal, beauty salon owning, New Yorker who wears at least 5 inch heals everywhere she goes. They are both tough women who raised their kids on their own. I have a little bit of both of them in me.


5. When I was 8, I was torn between wanting to be an angel when I grew up or prima ballerina. I feel like now I get to be a bit of both.


6. I am gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, egg free, sesame free, yeast free, and soy free. I eat chocolate every night.


7. There is nothing to me like skiing. I rarely feel as free as I do when I am flying down a mountain.


8. My top three next trips: Iceland, Italy, Peru.


9. I have a huge gemstone collection. Every month I alot myself time to browse gemstones and choose my next addition. I love their energy!


10. My current boyfriend and I used to know each other in high school. Years later we reconnected and are now celebrating our first year anniversary. Woo-hoo!


11. I love love love owning my own business. It’s been a sacred journey that’s revealed so much to me about my own beliefs, ability, and faith. I learn more from each client that comes in than they can learn from me.


12. I feel abundant when I have extra chocolate in the house, and a few massages on the calendar.


13. Most of my family is confused about the work I do. Energy work? Huh? I used to be upset by that, but now, these relationships help keep me grounded while I’m on my flight. The earth to my sky…


14. I spend a ton of time at coffee shops 🙂 That’s where I’m writing this list. I love the energy, the hustle and bustle, and the warm drinks.


15. I read at least one book a month. I always have a big stack by my bed just waiting to be cracked open.


16. Every-night I wear a giant pink fuzzy robe and have a cup of tea.


17. The desert feels more like home to me then anywhere else in the world. Even though I grew up in forest-y Colorado. I go to the southwest multiple times a year to soak in the sun.


18. I easily turn on and off my intuitive site. I do my best to keep it off unless I’m with clients. Otherwise it would be too overwhelming. I have a very visually intimate relationship with spirits, and the energy realm.


19. One of the first things Bonnie told me was that I am a fairy. Seriously. An actual fairy. I laughed at this for a long time. It took many other spiritual teachers and intuitive’s telling me that I was a fairy for me to fully accept this as a core aspect of my being. When most people are around me, they actually feel me “sparkle”.


Interested in more? Schedule a 20 minute consultation with Shelby!